The Four M's of Marketing
The Four M's of Marketing Book

The Four M's of Marketing:

Conversion Marketing Workflow

Discover conversion marketing that engages and converts your visitors. Learn how to target your audience, develop a marketing strategy, create engaging content, and keep them coming back for more.

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Change the Way You Do Marketing, Forever.

What Are The
Four M's of Marketing?

Conversion Marketing Workflow

There is a simple lifecycle in the new age of online marketing. Broken down into the Four M's of Marketing each representing a phase of the conversion marketing workflow.

Understand your MARKET > Develop a MEDIA strategy > Design your MESSAGE to convert > MAINTAIN your relationship with constant engagement.

  • Market

    Learn to understand and appeal to your target audience. Establish your brand identity.

  • Media

    Utilize the different channels and mediums to get the word out to your audience.

  • Message

    Create engaging content with proven conversion marketing designs to drive engagement.

  • Maintain

    Keep your clients or customers engaged and develop loyal brand ambassadors.

Learn how the Four M's of Marketing can take your business to the next level with conversion marketing.

Learn Conversion Marketing

Jeff "J" Hunter

The Mastermind Behind
Conversion Marketing

Get an insider look at how to  attract more viewers to your website and make them take action. He will answer all of your questions and give you the raw truth of how to market your business better.

Learn the Secrets to Conversion Marketing and Exponentially Increase Traffic to Your Website

  • Optimize Content Design

    With the Four M’s of Marketing you will learn how to design and optimize your content to generate traffic.

  • Set Your Standards and Expectation

    The Four M’s of Marketing will help you determine your target audience as well as what you want to produce.

  • Keyword Research

    The Four M’s of Marketing will answer your questions about deciding key phrases that best describe your website.

  • Conversion Marketing Workflow

    The Four M’s of Marketing will guide you in making a potential customer into your client.

  • Create Lasting Relationships

    The Four M’s of Marketing will teach you how to gain and maintain clients.

  • Blogs and Social Media

    You will be able to inform readers on the latest updates and announcements through the Four M’s of Marketing.

Apply the Four M's of Marketing and Reinvent Your Conversion Marketing Workflow

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Be in Control of Your Business through Conversion Marketing

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